net.isfaction Privacy Policy (Last updated on March 13, 2012)

ICTC's privacy policy with reference to net.isfaction project for iPhone-Android is governed by the following principles: users' privacy is respected and users' information treated exclusively in anonymous and aggregated form. No collection of any users' personal identifiable information will take place. The data collected through the user terminals' IPs will be irreversibly transformed and treated in anonymous and aggregated form to create aggregated bandwidth speed data that allows any user to control his personal Wi-Fi and cellular (LTE, 3G or EDGE) bandwidth rates and compare them with those of other users participating in the project.

We would appreciate your participation in the net.isfaction project.

We hereby confirm you that the data collected during the download and the use of the application will be treated in anonymous and aggregated form by ICT Consulting S.p.A., the data controller, for statistical purposes of the net.isfaction project and kept exclusively for the time necessary for said purposes.

In any case, upon submission of proof of ownership of the respective IP, the user is entitled to information about the data received from his IP address, as well as to the cancellation of such data, provided that such data is still referable to the indicated IP and has not been irreversibly transformed yet. Furthermore, the user in entitled to interrupt at any time the service by removing the application from his device.