Net.isfaction Network Internet Speed Test

net.isfaction measures the performance of your Internet wireless access from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices from 2.2, supporting 2G, 3G and WiFi access.

net.isfaction is the first app that runs in one tap a full set of tests on your Internet connection. The App analyzes the performance of some of the most-used services: web browsing, email(only for Apple version), VoIP call, Ping (latency) and download/upload speed. It's just not about the speed: other factors such as signal strength, delay, packet loss rate and the variability of the data connection are taken into account and measured.

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Measure your Internet speed
The App evaluates the performance of the most widely used Internet services.
Star-ratings and technical reports
Executive and detailed reports are provided at the end of each performance test.
History log
net.isfaction keeps track of all your tests and highlights the best and the worst performance for both WiFi and cellular access.
How fast are you?
net.isfaction allows you to compare your performances with other people in your Country.
Always the best choice
net.isfaction always performs tests with the best server for you.